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Download the white paper on leveraged loans and managing the credit cycle

Banks and private credit funds have been compelled to closely examine their loan portfolios and understand how the terms of the loan documentation have been implicated by the COVID-19 crisis.

This white paper uncovers the five key findings from a thorough analysis into covenants and terms detailed in over 130 LSTA-style credit agreements. The data was extracted using the Eigen no-code intelligent document processing platform to better understand the risks and opportunities lenders are facing after the global pandemic.

In this white paper, we unveil the key trends our analysis surfaced relating to:

Download this white paper to uncover the findings from our analysis of LSTA-style credit agreements and what that could mean for managing your portfolio. 

About this white paper

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  • Covenant packages and levels
  • Equity cure rights
  • Ways to limit cash leakage
  • Addressing maturity risks
  • Transfer restrictions

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